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Lab Accessories

Lab accessories encompass various tools and equipment crucial for laboratory operations. Among these are Parafilm, Micropipette Stand Z Shape, and Tourniquete Standard. Parafilm serves as a versatile sealing material for containers, preventing evaporation and contamination. Micropipette Stand Z Shape organizes micropipettes, ensuring easy access and reducing the risk of damage or misplacement. Tourniquete Standard aids in blood collection by occluding blood flow, facilitating vein visualization and minimizing patient discomfort. These accessories enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in lab procedures, promoting smooth workflow and reliable results. Additionally, they contribute to maintaining sterile conditions, crucial for maintaining the integrity of experiments and analyses.

Parafilm 4 Inch and 125 Feet

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
  • Size:4 Inches and 125 Meters
  • Application:Laboratory Use
  • Product Type:Parafilm 4 Inch And 125 Feet
Price: 1575 INR/Piece

Parafilm 2 Inch and 250 Feet

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
  • Size:2 Inch And 250 Feet
  • Application:Laboratory Use
  • Product Type:Parafilm 2 Inch And 250 Feet
Price: 1550 INR/Piece

Micropipette Stand Z Shape

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
  • Material:Plastic
  • Color:Multicolour
  • Application:Chemical Laboratory
  • Product Type:Micropipette Stand Z Shape
Price: 450 INR/Piece

Thermal Paper Roll 50 Mm With 25 Mtr Length

  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Month
  • Application:Clinical,Hospital,Laboratory
  • Product Type:Thermal Paper Roll
  • Width:50 Millimeter (mm)
  • Material:Silicone Paper
  • Color:White
  • Length:25 Meter (m)
Price: 40 INR/Piece

Tourniquete Standard

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Month
  • Material:ABS Buckle And Elastic Band
  • Color:Orange
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Application:Hospital,Clinic,Laboratory
  • Product Type:Tourniquete Standard
Price: 45 INR/Piece

Neubauer Counting Chamber

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Material:Glass
  • Color:White
  • Application:Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratory
  • Product Type:Neubauer Counting Chamber
Price: 450 INR/Piece

Micropipette Stand with Tips Tray

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Application:laboratory
  • Product Type:Micropipette Stand With Tips Tray
  • Material:Plastic
  • Color:White
Price: 650 INR/Piece

Esr Stand For 12 Tubes

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Color:White
  • Material:Acrylic Sheet
  • Product Type:Esr Stand For 12 Tubes
  • Application:Laboratory
Price: 650 INR/Piece

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