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Rapid Test Card
A Rapid Test Card is a diagnostic tool for quick detection of various conditions. It includes tests like Pregnancy Test Strip and Chikungunya Test Card. Utilized in laboratory, clinical, and hospital settings, it offers swift results for timely intervention, enabling prompt treatment decisions and improved patient outcomes.
Laboratory Instrument
Laboratory instruments encompass devices like Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter and Compressor Nebulizer. These tools are vital for monitoring vital signs and administering respiratory treatments in clinical settings. They aid in diagnosing and managing various conditions, ensuring accurate readings and effective therapies, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.
Lab Plasticware
Lab Plasticware comprises items such as Blue Pipette Tips and Microcentrifuge Tubes. These tools are crucial for accurate measurement and storage of liquids and samples in laboratory settings. They prevent contamination, ensure precise handling of materials, and facilitate efficient experimentation, contributing to reliable research outcomes and data integrity.
Surgical Items
Surgical items include essential equipment like Surgical Gloves and Face Shields. These items are utilized in medical procedures to maintain sterility, protect against infections, and ensure safety for both patients and healthcare workers. They act as barriers against pathogens, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and promoting optimal surgical outcomes.
Laboratory Chemical
Laboratory Chemicals like Triple Deionized Water, N10 Hydrochloric Acid, and Hand Wash Sanitizers are vital for experiments. With 99.9% purity and colorless appearance, they meet LR Grade or Industrial standards. In liquid form, they facilitate precise measurements, ensuring reliable results and maintaining aseptic conditions crucial for scientific research and experimentation.
Thermo Hygrometer
A Thermo Hygrometer, such as the Industrial-grade Digital Thermo Hygrometer Htc 2, measures temperature and humidity levels with high accuracy. Utilized in industrial settings, it guarantees optimal environmental conditions for manufacturing, storage, and laboratory facilities. Its precision aids in quality control, preventing moisture-related issues, and maintaining equipment reliability, ultimately enhancing productivity and product integrity.
Blood Collection Tubes
Blood Collection Tubes are essential medical devices made of glass or plastic, such as Vacuum Clot Activator tubes. They come in various sizes like 4 ml and are widely used in clinical, hospital, and laboratory settings for blood sampling. The vacuum design facilitates easy and hygienic collection, aiding in diagnostic procedures.
Lab Accessories
Lab Accessories are crucial tools for laboratory operations, comprising items like Parafilm, Micropipette Stand Z Shape, and Tourniquete Standard. Parafilm seals containers to prevent contamination. Micropipette Stand Z Shape organizes micropipettes for easy access. Tourniquete Standard aids in blood collection, guaranteeing vein visualization and minimizing patient discomfort. These accessories enhance efficiency and accuracy in lab procedures.
Blood Lancets
Blood Lancets are kinds of medical devices utilized in laboratories for blood sampling. Typically made of plastic, steel, or glass, they are utilized in surgical procedures for creating small punctures for blood collection. Their design guarantees minimal patient discomfort and chance of infection, facilitating efficient blood sampling for diagnostic purposes.

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